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Adding Board Members to your Sports Connect Portal

We have recently integrated the Sports Connect Board functionality into our AYSO systems.  Board Members listed on a Region (or Area/Section) board will now have the applicable access to NAP and/or as an AYSOU Instructor. You no longer have to enter them in eAYSO.

The same business rules apply, to be an AYSOU Instructor, you need to be listed as a Regional Instructor, to have access to NAP, you need to be listed as a Treasurer.

In order to be added to a Regional (or Area or Section) Board the volunteer needs to be registered as a Board Member on your website (portal).  For example, if a volunteer is to be on a Regional Board and an Area Board, they must be registered, as a Board Member, in the both the Region and the Area portals.

Please note, being a Board Member does not automatically give you rights in Sports Connect, here is a link for assigning roles – Using the Common Menu.

Here are instructions on adding a volunteer to your board:

From your portal’s home page under Registration, Team Staff, Board Members

Eligible Volunteers are listed

You can sort by clicking on the Name menu item, or click on the arrow next Name and enter the volunteer’s name, or a portion.

The volunteer, or volunteers if there are multiple matches, will show.

Select a role from the dropdown list.

Select the role, enter a start and end date, if applicable, check the Authorized Purchaser check box.

The click ADD

After adding the volunteer to their new role, click on Save and Submit.

Please note adding a volunteer to your board does not assign access to your Sports Connect portal.  You do not need to be a board member to be assigned a role (and therefore have access).

For additional information, please visit the Sports Connect by clicking on this link.

Using the Common Menu