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Area Assessment Program (AAP)

The Area Assessment Program (AAP) is designed to recognize Areas for their support and encouragement resulting in successful implementation of AYSO programs in Regions within the Area. Areas which actively promote AYSO philosophies and policies, strive for constant improvement within the Area and its Regions, and demonstrate a commitment to training its volunteers, may be Area Assessment Program award winners.

Any Area, regardless of its size, age, or budget, can be an AAP award winner because AYSO is looking for the effective use of resources, quality delivery of services, and innovation.

Download the AAP 2018-2019

Benefits of the Award

An Area Assessment Award recognizes the success and dedication of the Area Board and Staff members and the application also serves as a great planning tool for the next season! Recipients of the Area Assessment Award will receive the following:

    • Group recognition and a certificate
    • Four award pins (for AD, ACA, ARA, AMA)
    • The opportunity to purchase additional pins for other staff members and volunteers
  • A press kit for publicizing the award level.

Award Levels

There are four award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Recognition is based on the completion of the requirements listed in each section. For a further explanation of each level, please refer to the table below.

Level: Description:
Bronze The Bronze award level is achieved if an Area receives 60%-69% of the total points across all categories. Refer to grading chart.
Silver The Silver award level is achieved if an Area receives 70%-79% of the total points across all categories. Refer to grading chart.
Gold The Gold award level is achieved if an Area receives 80%-89% of the total points across all categories. Refer to grading chart.
Platinum The Platinum award level is achieved if an Area receives 90%-100% of the total points across all categories. Refer to grading chart.


Entry Rules and Guidelines

  1. This application should assess the period from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. The application includes a certification page and five category sections.
  2. If your Area meets the requirements of each line or you have checked any of the boxes in a line item then record the corresponding points in the “Area Points” column.Otherwise, leave it blank.
  3. Provide written comments when requested to verify a response. This is indicated by statements such as “Check all that apply,” “Describe,” “Explain,” “Date” and “Names,” etc. This additional information is required to get credit for an item. Please feel free to attach any supporting documents or examples.
  4. Area officers must sign the appropriate lines on the certification statement page Indicating their concurrence with the application submission. If the certification statement page is not returned or signed, the application will not be processed.
  5. Retain a copy of the Area Assessment Program application for Area records and as a precaution in the event the application is lost or damaged in transit.
  6. Please fill in and return the original form. Do not send the application in a binder or folder.
  7. The AAP application must be completed, signed and turned in to the Section Director by Aug. 1, 2018.
  8. After reviewing the completed application, the Section Director must assign the Award Level, and forward the application to the AYSO National Office via email to┬áby Sept. 15, 2018, or in an envelope marked “AAP.” Envelopes must be postmarked by Sept. 1, 2018, for applications to be considered. Applications may also be faxed to (310) 525-1155 as long as they are faxed in original size and orientation.
  9. A list of applications received will be posted on our announcement board. If an Area is not listed, please contact your Section Director or the National Office at (800) 872-2976 ext. 7973 to confirm that the application was received.
  10. Recipients will be notified of their award level by their Section Director at their Section EXPO.

Thank you for participating!