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AYSOU Known Issues – New and Resolved

Known Issues

AYSOU: We are having issues with certifications not posting on volunteer records after a roster is submitted. The development team is close to resolving this issue.

Resolved Issues and Updates

AYSOU: Users will no longer be charged the sales tax when using a voucher or purchasing an online course.

AYSOU: Vouchers can now be purchased in bulk. In order to have single voucher code issued, you can purchase vouchers in bulk. The voucher is valid for the redemption of a predetermined number of courses depending on the specific discipline. The course voucher may be distributed to members of the Region to redeem for access to their specific training courses.
**Please note: Course vouchers expire one year from date of purchase.

AYSOU: Blue Sombrero has resolved the issue with the Single Sign on when a secondary account is created. For users that created an account prior to the fix they need to login to their Blue Sombrero account, navigate to the Volunteer tab and click “details” under their volunteer role. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Update.” Once the volunteer clicks “Update” they will be able to access

AYSOU: The Region Management System has been updated to prevent returning volunteers from creating a new AYSO ID when registering. This will prevent issues with single sign on and instructor access on You may find additional information here.