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Can We Still Play?

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“Can We Still Play?”

As different parts of the country experience different levels of “re-opening,” the question as to when can “this season” or “spring soccer” start, is going to vary depending on where you are located.

Regardless of where you are, your original plans for Spring 2020 soccer have fallen by the wayside, but don’t be discouraged. Whether your state or municipality can pinpoint a probable start date or not,  we are encouraging all of our Regions to plan for some soccer prior to your traditional Fall program. That may be late spring, that may mean summer. But families in your community are going to have a real desire to get out and play as soon as local guidance allows, and you’ll want to be there for them.

To that end, we have a range of ideas and options for you.

Option 1: Plan for a Spring or Summer Soccer Offering

It’s going to be different than what you would have typically offered for Spring… but consider different ways you can offer an AYSO experience in the coming months:

  • Jamboree or Pickup-style games, where teams change week to week and new players can join you at any time.
  • Weekly Soccerfests, with shortened games allowing for tournament-style play.
  • A series of alternating clinics and game days.
  • For older players, a shortened season of games
  • This is also a chance to experiment with different times and days for the week than what was “normal”.

We are compiling  a handbook of these ideas and more that will be available soon.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get creative! Try out a few things you haven’t tried before. You might find your families really like the new ideas that you come up with.

Importantly, you’ll need to make sure any program you offer meets the requirements of your state or community regarding public health guidance.  AYSO’s Returning to Play Notice can help guide you in steps you should take to ensure we are doing our utmost for the safety of all involved.

Option 2: Roll Over Your Spring Registrants to the Fall Season

If you haven’t heard about how to use registration “coupons” to roll your current Spring sign-ups over to your Fall season, check with your Area Director or Section Director for details.

Option 3: If Refunds are Necessary

Again, if you haven’t already learned about the options for processing refunds automatically or by check, contact your Area Director or Section Director for details. To learn more about Spring Fee Credits and Refunds, click here.