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Certificates of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance, or proof of liability coverage, is usually required by property owners such as school districts, city recreations departments, and private businesses before they issue a “Use Permit” to any organization requesting permission to use their fields or facilities.

In 2004 AYSO enlisted the help of eCertsOnline™ to assist our Regions, Areas and Sections with the ability to request  and issue certificates of insurance. eCertsOnline™ is an Internet based tool that creates, stores, and issues certificates of insurance via e-mail.

In order to use eCertsOnline™ you must have a user name and password. Start with Step 1 below.

If you already have your user name and password, go directly to Step 2.

Step 1: Read the instructions first: eCERTS Instructions.

Step 2: Click here to access eCertsOnline™.

Step 3: Have more questions? Contact us at