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Definitions of Roles on Blue Sombrero

Club Admin: Full access to all features and pages. A user will need this role if you would like them to edit any part of your Home page.

*Note: If you assign yourself Club Admin access, then you do not need any other security role on your account. This will only cause conflicts and in the end give you less access!

 Website Manager- Admin: Access to most features under the Website tab except Roles. This role can add pages but cannot add additional modules. You must grant the Website Manager – Admin access to a specific page and its modules before they will be able to edit and add additional modules.


*Note: This role does not have default access to upload files to the File Manager. To allow a Website Manager – Admin access to upload files to a folder in your File Manager, a Club Admin must right click the folder they would like the CM to have access to >> then click View Folder Properties >>then

click Permissions >> and finally grant the Website Manager – Admin “Write to Folder” permissions by placing a check mark in the Write to Folder check box.


Billing Reports Admin- Gives users access to specific reports dealing with money. In particular the Billing Reports, all reports listed under Money, Money, Money as well as certain Enrollment reports. They do not have access to the roster reports.

Division Manager: Gives users access to build teams, send accepted/rejected emails through the Team Builder, and send rosters to teams within the division assigned – all through the Teams tab. Division Managers also have access to edit all team pages included in that particular divisions. This will include editing the team page, creating news articles, adding photos, creating custom events (if allowed by the admin), and sending discussions. To assign this role, head to the Registration tab in your blue control panel and follow the steps in the Assign a Division Manager guide.


Newsletters-Admin: Access to the Email feature under the Email tab. Order Management- Admin: Access to all features under the Orders tab. Programs- Admin: Access to all features under the Registration tab.

Quick Search- Admin: Access to the Quick Search feature under the Common

>> Quick Search tab. The admin will only have access to the Quick Search results. They will not be able to go to the My Account page.

Registered Users: This is the default role automatically given to any user that creates an account on your portal. It only gives them access to register for open programs.

Reports- Admin: Access to all report features under the Reports tab. Currently, we cannot restrict a Reports – Admin’s access to a single report.

Scheduler- Admin: Access to all the features under the Schedules tab. Can update and post scores.

Scores Admin: You can now assign a “Score-Admin” role to users to allow them to update and post scores only

SMS Manager: Access to the text feature under Text tab. Please reach out to one of our Support Ninjas if you need them to add this role to your portal.

Teams- Admin: Access to all features under the Teams tab.


Want to grant a user access to edit Team Pages?  This user will need to sign up for a volunteer role on your site and you will need to allocate them to a team

in Step 2 of the Team Wizard.