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Emailing Roster Attendees

EMAILING ATTENDEES (for Instructors only)

  1. Under the Learning Catalog, locate your course discipline. Click on the arrow to see the dropdown list of available folders.


  1. Left-click on the appropriate course name (1) and select the LE Sessions option (2).


  1. Locate your course session and select the attendee icon (1).


  1. Select the attendees you wish to send a message to from your roster (1). Then, select the mail icon on the right side of the page.


  1. The *From* (1) field should include your email by default; however, AYSOU sends all correspondence using The reason for this is to ensure that messages are delivered to the attendees (and to prevent them from being undelivered). Enter your subject (2) and select a copy to be sent to the instructor (3) if desired.Include the message in the body (4) and include your email here, since emails sent will have as the sender’s email. Include it if you’d like for attendee’s to contact you. Hit send (5) to complete your message.


  1. A pop-up will appear when the message is sent.