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Fall 2020


Whether you are planning to run some type of spring/summer program for your current year registrants or not, now is typically the time you’d be ramping up your Fall season planning.

We recognize there are more unresolved issues than you’ve ever faced before – potential opening date, fields access questions, registration and payment in an uncertain environment, etc.  But, now more than ever you’ll want to have as much preparation done as possible, so you can hit the ground running for your Fall Season as soon as it is feasible to do so.

To that end, we are currently working with our Registration partner Sports Connect (formerly Blue Sombrero) to identify PRE-REGISTRATION functionality for the Fall season.

PRE-REGISTRATION means you will be able to take sign-ups now with a minimal or zero payment option (deferring full payment until you confirm a program re-start date).  This will allow you to gather information on potential player counts, volunteer recruitment, etc., giving you crucial data needed to plan for a successful roll out.

Details on how to set-up PRE-REGISTRATION will be available the week of 5/18 as we work out the backend operational details and create the options and how-to’s for you. But as a first step, we are advising all Regions to be sure that Fall 2020 Registration is open in Sports Connect now, and be ready to operationalize Pre-Registration features as soon as they are available.