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FAQ – Grow Your AYSO!

Grow Your AYSO!


Create a positive first impression for families and potential volunteers.

Quick Tips:

  • Make sure the entire regional board is involved.
  • Recruit workers from all sections of the region.
  • Recruit a diverse group of people that represent the community. Representation matters!
  • Ask “happy” people to work at registration.
  • Find a large space for your event.
  • Use a visual marker to identify registration workers from incoming parents and community members (AYSO hat, T-shirt, pin, bright/large name tags, etc.)
  • Create an open and fun environment.
  • Provide comfortable seating.
  • Serve refreshments to workers, parents and children.
  • Play AYSO videos.
  • Encourage every parent to volunteer for at least one position. Give them a brief summary of a few positions and how the position will help the season!

Don’t give up – continue to ask new people.

Always have a debriefing lunch or meeting after the last day of registration to discuss ways to improve. What worked? What didn’t?

Have a list of how many volunteers you need in each category and evaluate how you are doing at all times.

Use some sort of volunteer registration form – make it colorful and user friendly

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