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FAQ – RMS Information & Updates

RMS Information & Updates

Regional Commissioners are able to merge family accounts when parents accidentally create duplicates. They are then able to archive duplicate players or volunteers. If an existing player or volunteer is created in Blue Sombrero, but that user is given a new AYSO ID, there is a mismatch between AYSO’s records and the data entered in Blue Sombrero. For example, this could happen if a player was entered with the first name Benjamin in AYSO and entered as Ben in Blue Sombrero. To connect the correct AYSO ID, just update the player or volunteer’s information to match what already exists in eAYSO.

Yes, the same options as in eAYSO will be available.

No, returning players and volunteers will be assigned the same AYSO ID as long as their primary information (first, last name, DOB and phone #) matches.

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