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FAQ – RMS Information & Updates

RMS Information & Updates

Yes, for the Region fees. Everyone is required to pay the AYSO Annual Membership Fee. Regions can create and distribute coupon codes which discount the fees owed to the Region. Admins are not able to discount AYSO National Fees in Blue Sombrero. More information is available on our support site.

The AYSO Membership Fee (formerly known as the National Player Fee) is a non-refundable and non-transferable member fee to participate in AYSO. Membership in AYSO is required for each Membership Year (8/1 – 7/31) before a member may participate in any AYSO program or event. This fee entitles the member to all benefits for that membership year, including:

  • Membership Player ID Card
  • Annual subscription to the PLAYSOCCER Magazine
  • Newsletters
  • Soccer Accident Insurance
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Access to the AYSO Player website channel (Coming Soon)

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