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FAQ – RMS Information & Updates

RMS Information & Updates

It is on the development list to provide Regions with default Region wide volunteer positions (as opposed to division positions). In the meantime:

  • Add a New Registration Form/Program
  • Select MY 2017, Core, and name it “2017 Volunteer Program”
  • Edit the 2017 Volunteer Program – add a nice message about volunteering
  • Skip the required player questions/default to required questions
  • Skip Discounts & Fees
  • Add Volunteer roles; Display roles offered; save settings
  • Update Program Email for Volunteers.
  • Under Division Details, enter a $0 price, set the age range to a future birth date so no one can register as a player in the program.
  • Instruct volunteers to select “I am volunteering to be a team coach or official.”

Yes, for the Region fees. Everyone is required to pay the AYSO Annual Membership Fee. Regions can create and distribute coupon codes which discount the fees owed to the Region. Admins are not able to discount AYSO National Fees in Blue Sombrero. More information is available on our support site.

The credit card processing fee is 3.4% across the board. Regions must collect the same fees from each parent, regardless of payment method. For Cash/Check payments this must include the AYSO National Membership Fee.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Regions cannot discount cash/check payments because it is unlawful to pass the credit card fee on to the consumer.

Yes, Blue Sombrero has created a great team balancing and team building tool.

Yes, Regions will be able to offer multi-player discounts, called “Family Discounts” in Blue Sombrero, as well as many other discounts.

Regions will also be able to set fees by Division and set up payment plans. Regions will no longer have to include the National Membership Fee in their Region fee calculations (unless collecting cash/check payments).

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