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FAQ – Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

A renewal certificate will not automatically be generated. Please be sure to renew your eCert every year.

Call the National Office at 800-872-2976.

Click here and use Step 3Contact Us. Or call the National Office at 800-872-2976.

Not directly. AYSO has placed the cost of producing certificates into the total per player premium.

General Liability – provides coverage for the organization, its directors, officers, field owners, employees and volunteers for injuries or damages the organization had become legally obligated to pay, including applicable legal costs for defense.

General Liability Claims
To file a claim or seek liability coverage, contact the Risk Management/Insurance Department at the AYSO National Office, 1-800-872-2976, or email: Be prepared to provide supporting documentation and the completed AYSO Incident Report Form (see Incident Reporting Chapter).

Certificates of Insurance
Agreements for permission to use fields or facilities, whether or not a fee is charged, often require proof of insurance coverage or a Certificate of Insurance.

Click here for eCerts Made Simple! instructions.

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