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FAQ – Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

No. This would be considered an uncovered off-field activity. The AYSO policy would exclude liability and auto coverage for this type of event. Auto coverage would fall to the insurance policy of the driver of the vehicle. However, our Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) policy would be available to registered players or volunteers.

No. AYSO’s General Liability policy specifically excludes bounce houses, amusement rides and various other non-soccer related activities. For a more detailed list of excluded items, contact the National Office at 800-872-2976.

No. AYSO’s General Liability specifically excludes the selling of fireworks.

AYSO covers a specific list of volunteers and employees who are cleared to rent vehicles when requested to conduct official AYSO business by the National Office. If you are not on that list then you would not have coverage and you would have to rely upon your own automobile insurance to provide coverage.

Currently the list includes those serving as National Board members, Special Directors, Section Directors and National Office staff who have passed a DMV check.

No, you will not have coverage and we recommend that you pick up any additional insurance the rental company offers.

No, you will not have coverage. AYSO recommends you purchase the insurance coverage offered by the rental company regardless of the vehicle chosen. AYSO also strongly recommends not renting 15-passenger vans as the risk of accident with these vans is significantly higher than a private passenger auto.

No, coverage would fall under your own automobile policy. However, in the event of an accident, all the registered players would be covered under our Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) policy.

No, this would be considered an uncovered off-field activity. Coverage would only be provided through the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) policy. There is no coverage under the AYSO General Liability policy. For a more detailed list of excluded items, contact the National Office at 800-872-2976.

As the owner of the vehicle owner you must file the claim through your own insurance company to immediately rectify the damage or utility of the car. Wind, rain, and other natural occurrences are considered by insurance companies to be “Acts of God.” These types of occurrences are not “at fault” coverage’s where a company is negligent or legally liable.

Yes, you will be covered by AYSO’s policy on a primary basis, and you will not have to look to your own homeowner’s policy. A person will have coverage up to the point where it is determined that that person took part in inflicting physical or sexual abuse upon another person. All General Liability policies exclude intentional acts once proven by a court of law.

Yes! There would be coverage under AYSO’s current General Liability policy for that type of lawsuit.

AYSO and its insurance carrier insures against negligent activities related to its operations, not private incidents between two players or two volunteers.

There would be no coverage under AYSO’s General Liability policy for that type of lawsuit. Our policy specifically excludes participant versus participant lawsuits.

Because injuries arising out of playing the sport of soccer or other activities associated with soccer such as practices, games, pre- and post- game activities, related non-athletic activities are considered part of the sport and excluded from our General Liability coverage. AYSO and its insurance carrier insures for activities related to its operations, not private incidents between two players or volunteers.

Call the National Office at 800-872-2976.

Click here and use Step 3Contact Us. Or call the National Office at 800-872-2976.

Not directly. AYSO has placed the cost of producing certificates into the total per player premium.

To prevent the payment of claims to persons who should not be filing. This saves time and resources from going toward fraudulent claims. And it’s the right thing to do!

A claims processing agent must validate a player or volunteer is properly registered in the AYSO system of record before they can pay the claim.

The AYSO SAI Claim form is an application for insurance benefits and our Third Party Administrator is allowed by the Department of Insurance to request this information in order to ensure accurate claims processing and for HIPAA verification. SAI Claims submitted without either of these numbers will not be processed.

The first medical expense must be incurred within 60 days of the covered accident/injury. Emergency Room visits must be done within 48 hours of the covered accident/injury.

If there is no other insurance available to the participant, the claim will be processed on a primary basis. See the claim form instructions on how to submit a claim for primary coverage.

Yes, there is a $200 deductible. The AYSO policy would consider claims applied to the another policy’s deductible in accordance with all policy provisions after applying the $200 deductible to the first $200 of allowed expenses under the other policy. AYSO’s policy is a Full Excess, pays Usual & Customary and will not always reimburse in full as there are plan limitations. It is not a Flex Plan but evaluates all claims in accordance with policy provisions.

Usual & Customary means claims will be paid for medical fees and services that do not exceed those generally charged for similar Medical Care in your area.

Full Excess means you must submit your medical bills to any other applicable health care plan you have in force, prior to making a claim under this policy. If your medical coverage is under an HMO or similar plan, you must follow their rules for obtaining benefits; otherwise no benefits will be paid under this policy. Refer to the SAI brochure your were given during registration or on this website.

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