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FAQ – Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

The signatures of the Regional Commissioner and Safety Director ensures they are aware of the injury and provides further verification that the player and/or volunteer is property registered.

It’s important that a basic first-aid kit is available to each AYSO team during all practices and games. First-aid kits can be provided to each coach for the season or can be made available at a standardized location at each soccer field during practices or games.

The contents of a first-aid kit can vary and can be purchased from a number of locations, but a basic first-aid kit should include the minimum recommended list of the following items:

  • Adhesive bandage strips – 10 each
  • Adhesive bandage – 3 large and 3 medium
  • Antiseptic wipes – 5 each
  • 2×2 gauze- 10 each
  • Elastic wrap – 2 each
  • Individual first-aid cream packets
  • Non-latex gloves – 2 pair
  • Mouth rescue breather – 1 each
  • Instant Cold pack


Application of elastic wrap or athlete tape should be limited to use by individuals trained in their application to avoid impairing circulation or causing further injury.

AYSO strongly recommends that first-aid training opportunities be made available to all Regional volunteers. Training should be conducted by certified professionals from local organizations such as a chapter of the American Red Cross, the Fire Department or hospital. Ideally, all coaches should receive basic first-aid training; however, it is not a requirement that all coaches be first-aid certified.

General Liability – provides coverage for the organization, its directors, officers, field owners, employees and volunteers for injuries or damages the organization had become legally obligated to pay, including applicable legal costs for defense.

General Liability Claims
To file a claim or seek liability coverage, contact the Risk Management/Insurance Department at the AYSO National Office, 1-800-872-2976, or email: Be prepared to provide supporting documentation and the completed AYSO Incident Report Form (see Incident Reporting Chapter).

Certificates of Insurance
Agreements for permission to use fields or facilities, whether or not a fee is charged, often require proof of insurance coverage or a Certificate of Insurance.

Click here for eCerts Made Simple! instructions.

A Safety Director – The role of the Safety Director is to serve as the Region focal point for Safety Awareness and Insurance Information.

The primary responsibilities of the Safety Director include:

Implementing a Regional Safety Plan which includes:

-First aid kits.

-Field and equipment inspections.

-Injury prevention.

-Procedures for environmental hazards.

Acting as the focal point for Insurance Information and safety awareness.

Ensuring compliance with AYSO Emergency Treatment Authorization, Incident and Concussion Reporting.

Ensuring the availability of Soccer Accident Insurance brochures and claim forms.

Being familiar with the SAI claim process.

Safety Director training requirements include:

Safety Director Job Training

AYSO’s Safe Haven

CDC’s Concussion Awareness Training

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