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FAQ – The Coach’s Clipboard

The Coach's Clipboard

AYSO’s 6-U, 8-U, 10-U and 12-U courses are all considered “stand-alone” courses, meaning that you may take any one of them without having taken any prior courses. The 12-U course then becomes the prerequisite for taking the Intermediate course, which is the prerequisite for taking the Advanced course. The U-6 and U-8 are available as stand alone online training components. The classroom portion of the 10-U, Intermediate and Advanced courses are also available online at AYSOU. 12-U will follow later in 2018.



All coaching courses that are registered with the National Office are entered into All registered volunteers are allowed access to AYSOU. Once in the AYSOU database, you will click on Live Courses and navigate to the age group training that you are looking for. You can also reach out to your local Region to see if there are any scheduled training classes in your area.

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