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FAQ – Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Division Coordinators should recruit coaches, assistant coaches, referees and team parents for the division for which they are responsible. They are also responsible for making sure that all volunteers within their division are Safe Haven™ certified. A Division Coordinator could be the point person for volunteers filling out the Volunteer Application Form within a particular division.

A Registrar – The role of the Registrar is to organize and implement the annual registration of players and volunteers.

The primary responsibilities of the Registrar include:

  • Planning the annual registration of all players and volunteers with the CVPA and Treasurer.
  • Maintaining a waiting list for players who sign up after teams are balanced and filled.
  • Reconciling registrations forms with fees paid for each registration event.
  • Ensuring all players are registered.
  • Ensuring the National Player Fees are paid.

Registrar training requirements include:

  • Registrar Job Training
  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness Training

The Treasurer or his/her trained representative, must employ a process, using at least two trained volunteers, that will reconcile the number of forms taken in and the amount of monies collected at each registration event. Cash and checks for any event must be deposited the same day collected or on the next banking day. National Player Registration Fees must be paid to the National Office within 30 days of invoice. Note: All players must be registered prior to the Region’s first scheduled practice day.

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