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FAQ – Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Regional Commissioner

  • Are there any changes planned for next year?
  • What is the late registration policy?
  • What are the dates, times and locations for registration?


  • Set the registration fee? Will it change next year?
  • Are scholarships being offered?
  • Make arrangements for registration suplies and expenses

Regional Coach and Referee Administrators

  • How many coaches and assistants will be needed? Always pad the amount needed for each division.
  • Make sure they have fliers ready announcing training oportunities.

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate

  • Ask the CVPA to educate every worker at registration, so that they can intelligently answer questions.

The Treasurer or his/her trained representative, must employ a process, using at least two trained volunteers, that will reconcile the number of forms taken in and the amount of monies collected at each registration event. Cash and checks for any event must be deposited the same day collected or on the next banking day. National Player Registration Fees must be paid to the National Office within 30 days of invoice. Note: All players must be registered prior to the Region’s first scheduled practice day.

The primary role of the Treasurer is to safeguard the Region’s monies and assets. Treasurers play a vital role in protecting AYSO’s non-profit status.

Treasurers are responsible for acting within the scope of AYSO’s financial policies, procedures and guidelines. They are responsible for:

  • managing accounts receivable (revenue) and accounts payable (expenses).
  • providing timely financial reports to the Regional Board and the national Finance department.
  • coordinating the annual budget preparation.
  • overseeing player registration fee handling, payments.
  • abiding by good internal control procedures.
  • maintaining financial records for seven years.
  • coding deposits and expenses for accurate tax reporting.
  • submitting 1099 reports to Finance by January 10 each year.
  • Maintain a reserve of at least $5 per player but not more that $12 per players to ensure financial stability of the Region.

Treasurers are required to take:

  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness training
  • Treasurer job training
  • NAP Online workshop


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