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In emergency response to Covid-19 hardships, AYSO W.H.E.N! Foundation is launching the Everyone Plays® Challenge,  a peer to peer campaign that offers players, volunteers, friends, and family the opportunity to engage in physical activity, connect with the AYSO community, and raise funds for the Everyone Plays® Grant Program. As a result of Spring season refunds and non-refundable expenses (i.e.: field permits, uniforms, etc.), AYSO’s 800 Regions have lost approximately $9 million in funding, which means that some of our programs might not have the startup funds to launch again this Fall. This will leave many of our players without a team, field, or safe place to play when Covid-19 closure policies are lifted.

We need your help in making sure that every AYSO player and volunteer is off the sidelines and back on the field as soon as it is safe to do so.  Our goal is to inspire 1,000 people to raise just $50, bringing us to $50,000.  On top of that, Augusta Sportswear has generously offered to match $50,000 in funds– which will bring us to $100,000 to support our regions and families in the coming season!

Together, we can make sure that when it’s safe to return to the field, EVERY child gets the opportunity to play.

Click here to join the Challenge!