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RMS Information & Updates

Regional Commissioners, Assistant Regional Commissioners and Registrars have access to all admin pages. Treasurers are able to see all Report and Order-related admin pages. Child and Volunteer Protection Advocates and Coach Administrators are able to see all team-related admin pages. Division Coordinators are able to see all team-related admin pages for the specified division.

Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Division Coordinators should recruit coaches, assistant coaches, referees and team parents for the division for which they are responsible. They are also responsible for making sure that all volunteers within their division are Safe Haven™ certified. A Division Coordinator could be the point person for volunteers filling out the Volunteer Application Form within a particular division.

The Division Coordinator schedules all games and fields and will organize and schedule any make-up games if necessary.

Players are separated by age and skill levels to form BALANCED teams. The Division Coordinator will ensure each team has a coach, an assistant coach, a team representative and a sponsor (if applicable). The Division Coordinator will generate complete team rosters and distribute uniforms and sweatshirts.

A Division Coordinator – Arranges teams and schedules games to create the most opportunities to play for each player. AYSO players range in age from 4 to 19 and have varied levels of skill. Putting together balanced teams requires thoughtful planning.

The primary responsibilities of the Division Coordinator include:

  • Recruit coaches and ensure they are trained and certified for the appropriate age group.
  • Organize team balancing, team rosters.
  • Assist with game scheduling, score keeping.
  • Coordinate player evaluations, ratings.
  • Monitor coaches, teams for use of Safe Haven guidelines and Stewards of the Game.

Division Coordinator training requirements include:

  • Division Coordinator Job Training
  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness Training
  • AYSO’s Annual Safe Haven Addendum

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