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Referee Resources

You must first complete an AYSO volunteer application and be approved as an AYSO volunteer by your local AYSO Region. Once you are approved as a volunteer, the training to become an AYSO referee is provided to you for free. You should contact your AYSO Region’s Referee Administrator to get more information about the training schedule for referees in your Region.  See Volunteer Requirements for more information.

RMS How-Tos & Step-By-Steps

Yes, the same guidelines and recommendations exist for Regions to issue whole or partial refunds for registration fees.

Can refunds be issued to the credit cards for credit card payments? Yes, if the Region has funds in escrow with Blue Sombrero that have not yet been distributed. If all the funds collected by Blue Sombrero have already been distributed, the Region will have to issue a check for the refund or wait until enough fees are collected by BSB to issue the refund.

RMS Information & Updates

This Blue Sombrero feature allows potential volunteers to tell the Region that they want to be “team coach for 8UB and assistant coach for 6UG” when they have multiple children and they are volunteering for team related positions like team coach, assistant coach, team parent/manager or Division Coordinator.

Because some programs may need to ask additional questions depending on the division, such as licensing, practice/game time availability, etc., the system presents the application process for each division.

We recognize the dramatic change, confusion and frustration this change causes and it is on our list for reconsideration. Region wide volunteer position registration for referees, board members and other non-team positions, is already on the development plan as well.

In the short term, for team volunteers, we recommend that they pick one position/division; complete the application, eSignature and background check if required; and save it.

Team volunteers can then request other volunteer positions by going back to the Account User Profile, select Volunteers and request other positions. They will still be presented with an application for each position, but the applications will be prepopulated with their answers and only require an eSignature. The system will not submit duplicate background checks.

Parents will have the option to opt-in to receive text message alerts from the Region. A cell phone is needed for this feature. If you don’t have a cell phone, please enter your home phone number and opt-out from the text messages alerts.

Every team created in Blue Sombrero is automatically generated a Team Page. Coaches and volunteers associated with this team have full control to upload pictures, assign tasks, create team events and message team members on these pages. Parents can also access these pages to start discussions and upload photos of their own.

When the Region creates teams they will decide when the coach information and team pages will be available for the Region.

Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

Not directly. AYSO has placed the cost of producing certificates into the total per player premium.

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