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RMS Information & Updates

Regional Commissioners are able to merge family accounts when parents accidentally create duplicates. They are then able to archive duplicate players or volunteers. If an existing player or volunteer is created in Blue Sombrero, but that user is given a new AYSO ID, there is a mismatch between AYSO’s records and the data entered in Blue Sombrero. For example, this could happen if a player was entered with the first name Benjamin in AYSO and entered as Ben in Blue Sombrero. To connect the correct AYSO ID, just update the player or volunteer’s information to match what already exists in eAYSO.

Regional Commissioners, Assistant Regional Commissioners and Registrars have access to all admin pages. Treasurers are able to see all Report and Order-related admin pages. Child and Volunteer Protection Advocates and Coach Administrators are able to see all team-related admin pages. Division Coordinators are able to see all team-related admin pages for the specified division.

Yes. Region Commissioners are able to add information to this email on Step 5 of their registration form setup.

Safety Policies, Forms, & Insurance

If you have not been provided contact information by the coach, you can use AYSO’s website to find the RC’s and Safety Director’s contact information through Region Search or send a message to asking for their contact information.

The signatures of the Regional Commissioner and Safety Director ensures they are aware of the injury and provides further verification that the player and/or volunteer is property registered.

Volunteer Compliance & Assessment

Regional Commissioner

  • Are there any changes planned for next year?
  • What is the late registration policy?
  • What are the dates, times and locations for registration?


  • Set the registration fee? Will it change next year?
  • Are scholarships being offered?
  • Make arrangements for registration suplies and expenses

Regional Coach and Referee Administrators

  • How many coaches and assistants will be needed? Always pad the amount needed for each division.
  • Make sure they have fliers ready announcing training oportunities.

Child Volunteer Protection Advocate

  • Ask the CVPA to educate every worker at registration, so that they can intelligently answer questions.

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