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How to accept Cash/Check payments with a Region Check

Please have your parents complete their player’s Registration Form up to the checkout screen (Make sure the form is e-Signed). If forms are not esigned the upload will not work. 

Parents who do not want to pay via credit, debit or pre-paid credit card can leave the registration in their shopping cart without paying and print their form. This registration becomes an “Open Shopping Cart Order.”

  1. A new report, “AYSO Cash/Check File” is available and will report players whose National Membership Fee still requires payment. Regions should generate this report as an excel spreadsheet. DO NOT ADD PLAYERS MANUALLY. The upload will only work for players that have esigned and have an open shopping cart order. Players enter manually will not be uploaded because there will be no player record to apply the payment.
  1. To generate this report, login as an admin to your Region Portal. You will see the following tool bar on the top of the screen and click on“Reports”.


  1. Click on “Billing Reports”on the top black toolbar, then click on “Export to Excel” next to AYSO Cash/Check Upload file. Then edit the Excel and remove any users whose checks you do not have.


  1. Email the Excel spreadsheet to and send a check payable to A.Y.S.O. for the National Fee ($17.50), plus $1.00 for each player to the AYSO Lockbox address. The additional $1.00 is an additional per player processing fee for each player processed.

Lock Box Address:
File 1259
1801 W. Olympic Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91199-1259

  1. Once the order is cleared by National the player records will be updated as “paid” for the Membership Year and the Region will be notified. The file will be uploaded within one business day of receiving the file by email. You will receive confirmation of the upload. After this, the RC goes to Common > Search & Manage Users.


  1. RC finds the account of a user whose National Fee was cleared.
  2. Admin navigates to the user’s account and clicks the Shopping Cart icon in the top-right corner of the page.


  1. Admin clicks through to the checkout screen.
  2. The order will automatically update to no longer include the National Fee, and the RC may mark the order as paid by check.
  3. Repeat steps 6-9 for all other users.

If you do need further assistance please call the Blue Sombrero Support Center at 866-258-3303. Or you can also send an email to