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How to Create Volunteer Roles on Blue Sombrero

Display stock Volunteer Roles, or add Custom Volunteer Roles, that will be available for users to sign up for during the registration process.

Example of Custom Volunteer Role: Snack Mom/Dad

Steps to Configure Volunteer Roles:

  • Login as an admin to your Region Portal. You will see the following tool bar on the top of the Then Click on “Registration”, then

  • You will then see a screen that looks like this, click on next to the Program you need to

  • On the next screen click on Step 4.

  • Move switch to YES if you want to display a Volunteer Role for this Program.

  • Click on Edit next to the Volunteer Role to add custom volunteer questions or to edit the default volunteer

  • Please make sure to always Save after
  • See how to configure custom volunteer roles below

Steps to Configure Custom Volunteer Roles:

 Too add a custom volunteer role, just add the Name of the volunteer role in the Custom Volunteer Role Then click on Add New Volunteer Role.

  • You can now click on Edit next to the new volunteer role to add any custom volunteer role questions or edit the existing
  • Make sure to always Save after

If you do need further assistance, Regional Commissioners will receive priority support by emailing or by calling 866-258- 3303. Parents with questions may email