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How to Give Credit to Instructor Led Courses Attendees

  1. Go to LMS Admin – Catalog.


  1. Open up folders and subfolders until you find the course you rostered by clicking on thesymbol.


  1. Left Click on the course you want to return and click Session Roster.

Granting an attendee credit is a three-step process:


Make sure that the attendee is selected. Next, click on the Status filter and change their status to Completed. Click on Save Data to apply your changes.


Next, click on the Score filter and select the status to Passed. Click on Save Data to apply your changes.

Step 3:

Return to your Session Roster to view your enrolled learner.

You will see that the attendee’s Status has changed to Completed and they have Passed the In Person course.

Click Return to go back to the Course Catalog.

Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled a learner to an Instructor Led Training Course Session!

The learner will now receive the appropriate certification under their Transcripts page.