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How To Setup Your Program/Season Registration on Blue Sombrero

1. Login as an admin to your Region Portal. You will see the following tool bar on the top of the screen. Then Click on Registration.

  1. You will see the following screen. Click on the green button “+Click Here to Add New Registration Form” to add a new Program/Season to your

Select the Registration Type for the program you are creating. You can choose from the following types:

  1. Non-Tryout/Rec Program (ex: Fall and Spring Programs)
  2. Tryout/Competitive Program (ex: All Stars)
  3. Camp Program (Summer Clinics)

Most of your programs will fall under the Non-Tryout/Rec Program

For this example we clicked on Non-Tryout/Rec Program to Setup a Fall Program. You will get the following screen with 6 steps to create the programs.

Step 1. Enter the Program Information

  1. Select Membership Year
  2. Select Season from: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
  3. Registration Type will be defaulted to the type you selected earlier above
  4. Program Name – For Example Fall 2017 or Spring 2018
  5. AYSO Program Type:
    1. Core – Programs like Fall, Spring, Winter etc. This will be the main type used by most
    2. Extra
    3. Adult – for players over 18. There will be a different Membership Fee
    4. VIP
    5. Playtime Adventure
    6. Day Camp
  6. You can enter a program description for the parents to learn more about the program
  7. Click Save Settings green button and then Click Next green button to

Step 2.
Enter the Program Questions you would like to ask parents as they are registering their players. All required question by the National Office are already turned on by default. These are additional questions you might need. You can also add new questions if you have any Region specific information you need from the players.

  1. Select those questions you want to turn on
  2. Optional: Add Additional Questions if you want
  3. Click Save Settings and then Click Next to Continue

Step 3. Special Discount & Fees. You can give the following discounts and add Custom Fees or Discounts.

  1. Volume Discount
  2. Family Discount
  3. Non- Resident Fee or Resident Discount
  4. Optional: Click on Add A Custom Fee or Discount if you want to add one
  5. Click Save Settings and then Click Next to Continue

Step 4.
Volunteers. In this step you will open up volunteer registration for the positions you want volunteers to apply for. Only those position that are turned on will display when a volunteer applies to volunteer. You can add custom volunteer roles.

  1. Click on the toggle to switch from No to Yes for the roles/positions you are
  2. Optional: Type in a Volunteer Role and click on Add New Volunteer Role if you are adding positions
  3. Click Save Settings and then Click Next to Continue

Step 5.
Program Emails. This email is generated for each player that registers. You can enter all the information you need parents to know. Some of this information might be onsite registration dates, documentation they need, or any region information.


  1. Enter the information you want into the Division Registration Confirmation Email. You can add
  2. Click Save Settings and then Click Next to Continue

Step 6.
Division Details. All your divisions will be pre-populated for you. If you don’t offer a certain division you can remove it by clicking on Remove.

  1. Click on Edit and you will be able to enter/change the following information for each division.
    1. Division Name
    2. Registration Open Date and Close Date – When you will be accepting applications
    3. Time you want registration to open and close
    4. Season Start and End Dates
    5. Minimum and Maximum Age
    6. Price – You can now charge a different price for each division if you want
    7. Gender – You will choose from Male, Female or Coed

  1. Click on Advanced it will take you to a screen where you can edit for each division the following information:
    1. Basic information
      1. description of the division
      2. Set Max number of participants
    2. Fees and Discounts
      1. You can have early bird discount by division or late fees
    3. Wait List Options
      1. You can enable a waitlist if you don’t have enough players for a division. When you accept a player from the waitlist they get an email to login and make a payment. They will submit their application, but will not get charged to be put on the
    4. Configure Payment Plans
      1. You can have payment plans by division
    5. Click on Save Settings

  • Click on Remove next to the Division your Region is not

  • Click on Save and then Finish

Success! You have setup your Registration for this program. 

You will see the program/Season listed on your Registration screen:

You can always edit the information anytime by clicking on edit.


If you do need further assistance, Regional Commissioners will receive priority support by emailing or by calling 866-258- 3303. Parents with questions may email