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LMS eCommerce Tab Changes

NEW ECOMMERCE CHANGES (for all volunteers)

To make it easier to find training and product vouchers, the eCommerce page has undergone a few changes: all training courses and products are categorized. The following instructions showcase the new changes.


  1. On the AYSOU Navigation menu, click on the eCommerce tab.

  1. On the left-hand side of the page, there is a Categories menu that contains all training courses and products. Click on the appropriate category to find the desired training course or product to purchase.For example, if you want to purchase a product voucher to distribute to your members, click on the Product Vouchers category.If you want to purchase the 6U Coaching Training Course, click on the Coaching Training category.


  1. After selecting the desired category, there will be a list of available products. To return to the eCommerce front page, click on the All Categories (1).