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MY2020 Transaction Fee FAQ and Update

As we noted in email and newsletter posts, the new Regional Management System under Sports Connect will include a fee. Following the conclusion of successful negotiations between AYSO and Sport Connect, the new owners of Blue Sombrero, we have negotiated a $2.75 per transaction fee*. In order to give membership additional time for planning for additional costs, the new pricing will be delayed 30 days until March 10, 2020, giving Regions 30 days of MY2020 registration with no transaction charges. Also, this fee does not apply to volunteer registrations, only players.

The transaction fee represents an exclusive discount that AYSO has secured, which is below the going market rate for similar systems. Unlike other Sports Connect soccer partners that are paying monthly fees, increased credit card processing rates, and a full-service fee, AYSO has secured this discounted offer by sponsoring some of the software cost and providing a lower fee to our membership.

Moving forward, we will continue to work with Sports Connect to identify opportunities to streamline the registration process and provide a wider range of training resources in addition to their dedicated AYSO support website and live technical support team.

Below you will find a list of FAQs and screenshots that will help you navigate the system. If you have any questions, please contact our Member Relations team at

Thank you.

*Also note that the $ 2.75 fee is per transaction, not necessarily per registration; meaning, multiple children in one household can be registered by their parent/guardian and checked out in one transaction.


MY2020 Transaction Fee

No, the Volunteer Membership Program (VMP) is separate, it does not go through Sports Connect.  The volunteer (or region) pays Sterling Volunteers directly.

No, this is for MY2020 (and beyond).  A spring program in the year 2020, is still MY2019.  Remember, our Membership Year (MY) is from August 1st thru July 31st.

A transaction is each time you complete the checkout process.  If you register, one or more players, at the same time, its one transaction. If you register one player and check out, then register another player at a later time, you will be charged the Service Fee twice, once for each transaction.

This also applies to payment plans; each payment will have a transaction fee, as each payment is a separate transaction.

We’ve added the option to have the region pay by MY

From your Sports Connect portal, using your account with Admin access, follow these screens:


Here’s a closer look:

This is a new fee.  Credit Card fees are charged to the company who accepts credit cards. You buy $55 of gas, pay for it with a credit card, the gas station gets $53.35.

The Service Fee is per transaction, similar to using an ATM, that charges per transaction.  It will be more cost effective to register all members of your family at once and pay only One Service Fee.

The parent will forfeit the initial processing fee, and only be refunded the amount of registration fees. There is no processing fee charged on the refund transaction.

This will have no impact to your region, as the fee will be added to the shopping cart as a separate line item and will go directly to Sports Connect.

This is what the new screen will look like:

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