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The question on everyone’s mind is “What’s Next?” when it comes to AYSO soccer.  Is it safe to play? What will change?  How can I manage season planning with so much uncertainty?

As our shared journey through this unprecedented time proceeds, some answers are coming into focus, some evolve and change, and new questions pop up.

Through it all, AYSO is working to support your program by providing updated information and resources (e.g.; ideas, planning tools, how-to’s and solutions), you will need to be the go-to soccer provider in your community.

This microsite is our Volunteers’ go-to resource for all the latest AYSO has to offer.  The content here will be updated often, as we will be adding new material and services on an ongoing basis.

Amidst all the unknowns, we all want the same thing: To safely get our players and volunteers on the field and enjoy the joys of AYSO Soccer, and we want to help you be ready for it all.




AYSO is here for you.

AYSO has been and always will be about community soccer, and now is our time to step up for the families we serve.  Things may look a lot different than what we are used to in the near term, but the one constant we want to ensure is the outcome – happy, active children, enjoying the beautiful game.




Bookmark this page, and visit often. As always, your ideas and questions are welcomed.