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Stack Sports Mobile First Update



Project Purpose

To meet our ongoing commitment to the AYSO community to deliver an accessible and enjoyable experience, from registration through end of season celebrations, AYSO is working to upgrade our current systems. Our goal is to upgrade our challenging systems and data environment into a more capable and productive environment, providing relevant player and volunteer reporting and management, integrated background check and AYSOU updates, and efficient financial transaction tracking.  The first platform to be upgraded is the Stack Sports’ Mobile First registration platform (formally known as Blue Sombrero/Sports Connect). 

 Features include:

  • Ability to register one, two or more players from any device
  • Streamlined waiver process
  • Volunteer while registering players or independent of registering players
  • More control over refunds and credits

 In tandem with this migration to Mobile First, each Section, Area and Region upgraded to Mobile First will also be set up in Stack Sports’ Association Connect platform.  The Association platform supports the activities of our Sections, Areas & Regions. 

 Features include:

  • S/A/R reporting without logging into multiple portals
  • Integrated Background Check (Risk) status
  • Volunteer eligibility – Board Members, Coaches & Referees
  • Safety & Compliance – as required by health authorities or by individual states
  • Messaging Module – target by geography, by role, by participant type 


Think of the Club Platform as your Credit Card – it’s how you buy things.

Think of the Association Platform as your Credit Card Rewards Program – it keeps track of how much you’ve spent, if you have achieved elite status, allows you to upgrade, and tracks your membership expiration date.


Migration Phases

The migration will take place over the next few months and Regions have identified the best time for them.

 The starting dates have been adjusted about 3-5 days for a shorter migration in each phase.

When a Region moves into the migration phase, several functions will be disabled.

During the “Dark phase”, the following functionalities will include:

  •   Create New Programs – buttons will be disabled, help text includes date when upgrade is complete
  •   Edit any registration dates or times – all dates will be closed and buttons will be disabled, help text shown
  •   Register players or volunteers – buttons will be disabled, help text shown
  •   Transfer players or volunteers – buttons will be disabled, help text shown


For Regions in this phase, we recommend using the Skyscraper Banner, linked here, to communicate to your families with the suggested language below:

 PLEASE NOTE:  Programs are not currently open for Registration as we upgrade our Registration Platform for a more streamlined experience. We will re-open for Registration on YYYY XX. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the pitch this spring!


Training Sessions:

Training will be hosted the first week of December and will be repeated for each phase. Availability is limited, so please attend when invited but recorded sessions will be posted here for future reference.

Training will take place by role and will be broken down accordingly:

  • SD/AD
  • RC/Registrar/CVPA
  • Division Coordinators
  • Coach & Referee Admins


Live Demos:

Oct 8th Demo


Oct 9th Demo


Looking Ahead: New Platform Efficiencies

The future state objective of upgrading and integrating all systems, which includes, Registration, Background Checks and AYSOU, is for the seamless transition between platforms.

 The efficiencies you can look forward to include:

Mobile First

  •  Printing: medical releases only, or applications too
  •  Authorized Purchaser role no longer necessary
  •  Regions who accept Check/Cash payment for registration now complete the transaction with the Region credit card for immediate registration of player.  No spreadsheets for upload, no Office invoices for payment.  No delays.

Integrated Background Checks

  •  No longer email CVPA’s with BGC results – visible in Association Insights

Integrated AYSOU

  •  Association Insights will show highest achievement in Referee or Coaching.  All certifications will be visible in AYSOU, including course/assessment detail.
  •  During the period of migration to Mobile First only, AYSOU updates to Association Platform will be weekly until completion of upgrade – estimating April 30, 2021
  • Manual option to upload certificate to Mobile First for immediate update


Stack Sports Mobile First FAQs

Coupons and Account Credits will be valid on the upgraded platform.

Yes. A script will also be run for any players who applied their NPF forward from the Spring MY19 Refunds who did not play Fall.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to activate players from waitlists associated with programs prior to the upgrade.  Players who tryout for a program in the old platform will have to re-register if the program is re-created in the new platform.

Yes. Payment plans will be carried forward as the registration process has been completed (unlike waitlist), and the payment plan is then part of the account information.

Yes. The entire platform outside of taking registrations will still be available.

This process has also been streamlined. Division age min/max will be carried over, and previous programs will be visible to review during setup, however you will not be able to copy/clone previous programs from the old platform.