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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

As with the concussion law in 2016, various states are proposing Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) education and compliance training. AYSO Regions in those states will need to comply immediately. We anticipate that other states will be adopting similar laws in the future.


  • Click on the information box for your role (Parent/Child or Coach) for your state.  A link will take you to the state webpage.
  • Follow the instructions on the webpage.  Complete and sign the designated form. Save form in pdf.
  • Forward the pdf form to both your child’s coach and Region.
  • Coaches: Follow instructions, complete and sign the form (if required).  Save in pdf and forward to Region Safety Director and Coach Administrator. Regional Commissioners must retain a record of all coaches that completed training if required by their state.
  • For California Regions only: California applies the SCA requirements to referees. Referees must complete coaches online training as well.
  • For Maryland and Washington state Regions only:  Forms and training are only required for fields on schools or school district facilities.
  • For Washington state only:  Regional Commissioners must sign the statement of compliance and save in pdf.  Forward with COI to school district.



State Application Parent Child Information Coaches Information Remove from play
California AYSO Information Sheet annually – English One-Time Training Yes
Information Sheet annually – Spanish
Maryland Use of public-school facility by youth group Information Sheet annually Information Sheet Yes
Ohio AYSO Information sheet and view video annually Training course annually Yes
Tennessee AYSO Information sheet annually Training course annually Yes
Washington Use of public-school facility by youth group Information sheet annually Training course every 3 years