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The Treasurer

The Treasurer – is one of the 7 required Regional Board positions as specified in the National Bylaws and Standard Regional Policies and Protocols. The Treasurer is responsible for acting within the scope of AYSO’s financial policies, procedures and guidelines to safeguard the Region’s monies and assets. Treasurers play a vital role in protecting AYSO’s non-profit status.

The primary responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • Managing accounts receivable (revenue) and accounts payable (expenses).
  • Providing timely financial reports to the Regional Board and the national Finance department.
  • Coordinating the annual budget preparation.
  • Overseeing player registration fee handling, payments.
  • Abiding by good internal control procedures.
  • Maintaining financial records for seven years.
  • Coding deposits and expenses for accurate tax reporting.
  • Submitting 1099 reports to Finance by January 10 each year.
  • Maintain a reserve of at least $5 per player but not more that $12 per players to ensure financial stability of the Region.

The Treasurer training requirements include:

  • Treasurer Job Training
  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness training
  • NAP Online workshop

Click here for the Treasurer Job Description.