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Can I still sign up for the Wells One Purchase Card?

Yes you can.

If your Region has chosen to cover the background check cost of your volunteers (vs. having them pay as individuals), you will need to make sure you have a Wells One purchase card. If you have not done so, you’ll want to apply for the card now, as there is a 3 – 5 week processing time and you’ll want this feature available to you when you start signing up your volunteers for the coming season.

Without the card, volunteers will need to provide their own payment information, and you’ll end up having to reimburse your volunteers individually.  

Even if you’re not 100% certain that your Region will be covering the cost, or you have some questions you need answered, please take this opportunity to apply for the card today as there is a 3-5 week processing time. Please submit the application no later than April 19. After this date, Regions may still sign-up for the card but should note that you will not be able to turn on payment for volunteer sign-ups until you receive the card.

Please note that the card request MUST be made by the Regional Commissioner. This task should not be delegated to your treasurer or other region officials.

Click here to download the Wells One purchase card application form, once completed please email your forms to