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What are the components of the Safe Haven program?

Registering and Screening All Volunteers

AYSO requires all volunteers to complete a volunteer application every year and agree to background investigations. References are checked for all brand new volunteers and every volunteer is asked to consent to criminal background checks in accordance with AYSO’s National Criminal Background Check Policy and any state or federal legislation.

Training and Certification

In order to ensure the fulfillment of AYSO’s vision and the protection of players and volunteers, every volunteer is required to take AYSO’s Safe Haven (child/volunteer protection) training and be properly trained for their jobs (job training). AYSO’s  certification program provides every volunteer with the highest level of training and features child-centric curriculum, age and developmentally appropriate activities and AYSO certified instructors.

Child and Volunteer Protection Guidelines

AYSO’s protection guidelines are designed to prevent opportunities for abuse to occur while minimizing opportunities for volunteers to be misunderstood or falsely accused. The guidelines hold coaches responsible for all players, for maintaining supervision protocols and maintaining appropriate adult/child boundaries.

Safety and Injury Prevention

All volunteers are asked to help promote safety and injury prevention by recognizing common emergency medical conditions, risks associated with environmental hazards, weather conditions, field conditions and equipment.