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What is the official referee uniform? Where do I buy my uniform? Does my Region pay for this?

It is the practice of almost all AYSO Regions to provide a free uniform to the volunteers who become certified referees in their Region.  If not provided by your Region, referee uniforms are available from a variety of sources. We recommend supporting our National Sponsors like SCORE and The AYSO Store.  You will be provided a badge by your Region upon completing the relevant referee course.


Official  Referee Uniform

“New-style” yellow jersey (short or long sleeve); black shorts; black socks with two stripe middle; black shoes with black laces (may have white manufacturer’s logo). Both “Pro” style jerseys with a zipper and “Economy” style jerseys  with a ‘v’ neck are acceptable.  “Old-style” jerseys and socks are still acceptable , but are being phased out of use.

Alternate jerseys:

Green jersey with black stripes (long or short sleeve).

Red jersey with black stripes (long or short sleeve).

Blue jersey with black stripes (long or short sleeve).

Black jersey with white stripes (long or short sleeve).


There is no order of preference among the alternate jerseys. The other parts of the referee uniform (shorts, socks, shoes) do not change if the referee wears an alternate shirt.