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What is the role of an Auditor?

AYSO is a single nonprofit organization and certain financial standards must be followed to maintain this status. Extra care is taken because the assets and the liabilities of each Region belong to the entire organization. The Auditor cannot be a board voting member or a person related to the Regional Commissioner, Treasurer, Area Director or Section Director. If the Auditor worked previously as Treasurer, he/she cannot audit his/her own work.

The Auditor performs an annual “check-up” of the Region’s financial activities and reviews the National Accounting Program (NAP) report periodically. The Auditor must report to Section Director or National Office on any large unusual transactions. Auditors are responsible for:

  • performing an annual review of a Region, Area or Section finances.
  • Review Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet periodically.
  • Report “Red Flags” of possible financial mismanagement to the Section Director and the Finance Department.
  • Verify internal control procedures.
  • Review cancelled checks and bank deposits.
  • Review reconciliation of accounts.

Auditor Training includes:

  • AYSO’s Safe Haven
  • CDC’s Concussion Awareness Training
  • Auditor job training
  • Treasurer job training.