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What is in an AYSO First-Aid Kit?

It’s important that a basic first-aid kit is available to each AYSO team during all practices and games. First-aid kits can be provided to each coach for the season or can be made available at a standardized location at each soccer field during practices or games.

The contents of a first-aid kit can vary and can be purchased from a number of locations, but a basic first-aid kit should include the minimum recommended list of the following items:

  • Adhesive bandage strips – 10 each
  • Adhesive bandage – 3 large and 3 medium
  • Antiseptic wipes – 5 each
  • 2×2 gauze- 10 each
  • Elastic wrap – 2 each
  • Individual first-aid cream packets
  • Non-latex gloves – 2 pair
  • Mouth rescue breather – 1 each
  • Instant Cold pack


Application of elastic wrap or athlete tape should be limited to use by individuals trained in their application to avoid impairing circulation or causing further injury.

AYSO strongly recommends that first-aid training opportunities be made available to all Regional volunteers. Training should be conducted by certified professionals from local organizations such as a chapter of the American Red Cross, the Fire Department or hospital. Ideally, all coaches should receive basic first-aid training; however, it is not a requirement that all coaches be first-aid certified.